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Democracy Biggest Loser of Bloodshed in Egypt

It is unclear who attacked whom or who fired the first shot. But over fifty people are dead, most of whom were supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists organizations in Egypt protesting the ouster of Mohammed Morsi from power.  Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have called for more [...]

Weighing In: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Military’s Ouster of Mohammad Morsi

Islamist Mohammad Morsi accomplished what secular ex-Presidents Mubarak, Sadat, and Nasser dreamed of accomplishing: He managed to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest political party, as an organization that could govern the country. After a year of political strife in Egypt, Morsi and his Islamist supporters demonstrated to the Egyptian [...]

| Issue 88

Professor Jim Cavallaro Elected to Join the IACHR

Many congratulations to Professor James Cavallaro, Director of the International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic, on his election to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). This is an extraordinarily important position that will allow Jim to carry on his tireless efforts to promote human rights in the Americas. [...]

Yellow is Always Good and It’s Getting Better…

When the Yellow Ribbon Program was established, Stanford Law School made a commitment to provide a match up to $3000 to all students who were Yellow Ribbon eligible.  Soon thereafter, we increased that match to $10500.  A couple of days ago we made the following commitment:  Beginning in the 2013-14 academic year, [...]

From the Archives: A Profile of Former Chief Justice Ronald George Just After the Same-Sex Marriage Decision

Appointed to the court by Republican Governor PeteWilson in 1991 and elevated by him to chief justice in 1996, George has defied the expectations of conservatives and liberals alike. He has consistently cited his reliance on the rule of law, contained in the statutes and precedents of California and the [...]

A Clinic’s Place in the Supreme Court Bar (from the latest issue of the Stanford Law Review)

The past several years have witnessed the emergence of a new phenomenon: clinics in law schools that litigate cases in the Supreme Court. Although some commentators have written about the pedagogical goals and benefits of such clinics, no one yet has written about their public interest mission. This Article takes [...]

| Issue 87

Pamela S. Karlan and the Law of Democracy

“We took a bunch of areas of law that people had thought of as separate silos. We showed that there are important relationships between them and that you can gain a vantage point to critically view one from looking at another; there’s an ecosystem. There are political scientists, sociologists, historians, computer scientists, and people who study the actual physical process of voting, ballot design, and voting machines. Campaign finance and political structure. Super PACs. It’s all part of our democracy.”

Empty Benches (from the Boston Review)

There’s a story told about Joe McCarthy—not the right-wing senator from Wisconsin, but the manager of the great New York Yankees teams of the 1930s and ’40s. McCarthy dreamed that he had died and gone to heaven, where St. Peter told him to assemble an all-star team. McCarthy was excited: [...]

TVShack Extradition Case Tumbling as Seventh Circuit Holds Linking/Streaming is Lawful

Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal prosecution of British citizen Richard O’Dwyer for operating a site called TVShack hit what ought to be a major stumbling block. TVShack allows users to link to other computer servers that host television shows and movies. Clicking on the link will [...]

| Issue 86

Forty Years After Watergate

This summer, as we mark the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, which precipitated modern efforts to respond to the dangers of unfettered political spending, we should ask why our political system is more awash than ever in secret money. Much of the answer lies in the interaction between Supreme [...]