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Up for Discussion: Should Criminal Lawyers Engage in Crowdsourcing Criminal Investigations?

Are we seeing a new model of legal advocacy in which lawyers turn to the crowd for help in raising funds, interest, and even finding evidence? There are apps and websites that have online crowds investigating criminal cases. The site Reddit attracted an active community of people gathering evidence, forwarding [...]

Stanford Law’s Afghanistan Legal Education Project Releases English Translation of Afghan Civil Code

The Afghanistan Legal Education Project (ALEP) publicly releases its English translation of the Afghan Civil Code this week. This is very significant for the legal and private sectors in Afghanistan, which have been operating without reliable English translations of two of the country’s three most important sources of law (the others [...]

Stanford Law’s BLSA Students Weigh In on the Events in Ferguson

The aftermath of Michael Brown’s killing has inspired a number of responses around the nation and sparked eye-opening events in the rural town of Ferguson, Missouri. Behind the clash between law enforcement and civilian protest lies a narrative of unjustified and disproportional police force that the Stanford Black Law Students [...]

Russia, Ukraine, and International Law

The situation in eastern Ukraine is reaching a boiling point. Pro-Russian mobs attacked government buildings in Donetsk and Horlivka while fully armed militiamen disarmed police officers and surrounded the mayor’s office in Slaviansk. Dressed in relatively new camouflage uniforms with no insignia, pro-Russian separatists carry the most advanced Russian assault [...]

Stanford students help protect endangered species in Africa

Ivory trafficking is out of control – if it goes on unchecked, there will be no elephants or rhinos in Africa in 10 years. That’s the reason a professor and nine Stanford students have joined the fight against wildlife trafficking – and they are making a difference. A winter quarter [...]

Stanford Law’s First Black History Month Gala Explores the Next 50 Years of Civil Rights and Racial Justice: U.S. Associate Attorney General Tony West and Senior Fellow at American Progress Maya Harris Keynote

Shimmering gowns and tuxedos were the attire of choice for the first-ever Black Law Students Association-sponsored Black History Month Gala last Friday night—an event to both celebrate progress and explore the next 50 years of civil rights and racial justice in America. Paul Brest Hall brimmed with a sold-out crowd [...]

KIND Healthy Snacks Gives Grant to Youth Law Center for Innovative Incarcerated Youth Parenting Program

The challenges of rehabilitation for incarcerated youth are many, particularly for teenagers whose own fathers—and often grandfathers—were distant figures, in and out of jail themselves. And many of these kids already have children of their own, continuing the pattern they know only too well. Lawyers in the Bay Area are [...]

Remembering Nelson Mandela

I have always felt a close connection to Nelson Mandela, his aspirations, ideals, and principles. I vividly recall his imprisonment in the 1960’s and the shocked reaction of South Africans, black and white, when I first visited South Africa in 1977 and brought his writings with me. All of his [...]

Will We Learn from the Government Shutdown?

Many of us who have served in the government did not fear a government shutdown.  We have seen this movie before.  The movie has a predictable ending:  regret, recrimination, and a reminder of how important a functioning government is to our economy, and our daily lives. This time, it is [...]

In the Wake of Travyon Martin, Calling for a Racial Justice Clinic

Now that protests have ended, social media posts have subsided, and the hoodies have gone back in the closets, someone will have to do the work of clawing our way back to justice. As future lawyers, we have a responsibility to be part of that response. And to weigh in [...]