| Issue 92

Roderick Maltman Hills, March 9, 1931 to October 29, 2014

It was September of 1948 when Roderick Hills boarded a train in Los Angeles bound for Palo Alto.  He liked to tell us that he wasn’t entirely sure whether he was heading north or south.  I rather doubt that.  He also said that when he got off that train and […]

| Issue 92

Professor William Cohen

In 1957, when Bill Cohen left his clerkship with Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas to begin his teaching career at the University of Minnesota Law School, he was just 24 years old. Two years later, when Bill left Minnesota for UCLA, he was only 26. Yet he soon would […]

| Issue 89

Allan L. Fink (1924-2013)

Al Fink, LLB ’52 (BA ’49), was a member of the famed law class of 1952, which boasted no fewer than two United States Supreme Court Justices. There is a myth that Bill Rehnquist, LLB ’52 (BA/MA ’48), ranked first and Sandra Day (later O’Connor), LLB ’52 (BA ’50), third, with […]

| Issue 87

John Atta Mills

John Atta Mills, the president of Ghana since 2009, passed away on July 24, 2012. He was 68 years old. Mills came to Stanford Law School in 1971 and spent a year on campus as a Fulbright Scholar enrolled in the LLM program. Previously, he had studied law at the […]

| Issue 87

Tom Elke

On Sunday, June 3, 2012, Tom Elke, LLB ’52 (BS ’49), one of the founders of Elke Farella & Braun and my dear friend, passed away. Tom, Jerry Braun, LLB ’53 (BA ’51), and I met at Stanford Law School in 1951—and despite our wildly disparate geographic origins and life […]

| Issue 86

In Celebration of 
the Life of Judge 
Pamela Ann Rymer, LLB ’64

At the outset, I should admit bias: Pam Rymer was a classmate of mine at Stanford Law School; she hired my son, Reed Gaither, JD/MBA ’96, as a summer law clerk during his days at Stanford Law School; and I nominated her for and served with her on the Stanford […]

| Issue 86

David L. Rosenhan, 
Professor of Law 
and Psychology, Emeritus

David L. Rosenhan, professor, emeritus, at Stanford University and leading expert 
on psychology and the law, died February 6, 2012, at Stanford University Hospital. He was 82 years old. Professor of law and of psychology at 
Stanford since 1971, Rosenhan was a pioneer in the application of psychological methods to […]

| Issue 85

Dean Bayless Manning

Bayless Manning, a former Stanford Law School dean and leading authority on 
corporate law, died on Sunday, September 18, 2011, at his home in Boise, Idaho. He was 88 years old. Dean of the law school from 1964 to 1971, Manning made groundbreaking changes to the curriculum and produced scholarship […]

| Issue 84

Warren M. Christopher ’49

When I heard the shocking news of Warren Christopher’s death on March 18, 2011, my many experiences with Chris flashed through my mind, from his call in 1963 to recruit me to Stanford Law School to our recent Santa Barbara dinners, Chris and Marie, Nancy and I. In the days […]