Letters to the Editor

| Issue 86

Hon. Warren Christopher 

I am a Benedictine nun and an alumna of the law school, Class of 1986, where my name was Monica Evans. I read with interest the Spring 2011 Stanford Lawyer’s “Remembrance” of the Hon. Warren Christopher ’49, by Judge Raymond C. Fisher ’66. The article is an informative and thought-provoking […]

| Issue 86

Dean Manning Remembrance

I was saddened to read in the Fall 2011 issue of the passing of Dean Bayless Manning. I thought I’d share my fondest memory of him:
Shortly after his appointment as dean was announced, he came down to introduce himself at a dinner held by the Stanford Law Society of Southern […]

| Issue 86

Your Privacy at Risk

It was nice to see the Stanford Lawyer raise the question of Internet privacy in the Fall 2011 issue (“Your Privacy at Risk”). But it was also somewhat disappointing to see how the article ultimately answered the question asked. Fortunately, the courts, the Congress, international organizations, and just about everyone […]