In Focus

Renaissance Merryman

It isn’t difficult to imagine John Henry Merryman, the Nelson Bowman Sweitzer and Marie B. Sweitzer Professor of Law, Emeritus, and affiliated professor emeritus in the 
Department of Art, as a gentlemanly inhabitant of an earlier era, steadfastly pursuing the Renaissance ideal. Many of us have seen him striding across campus leading a tour of Stanford’s famed sculptures, smiling as he describes not only the art but the story behind its acquisition.

| Issue 92

A Reading Group Explores Race and Criminal Justice

Ashley Williams, JD ’16, was shopping with friends in New York last August when she heard about another shooting of an unarmed black man—this time, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. As co-president of Stanford’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA), Williams wanted to make sure that she was ready for not […]

| Issue 92

Making a Difference, Behind the Scenes

Nancy Hendry and Bill Baer speak with the thoughtful, measured cadence born of decades of public service in top posts in Washington, D.C. They have managed to meld family life and vibrant careers with the same balance—Hendry with the Peace Corps, the Public Broadcasting Service, and the International Association of Women Judges, Baer with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice.

| Issue 92

Gabriela Franco Parcella: From GC to CEO, Leading Mellon Capital

Lawyers are not typically found leading multibillion-dollar institutional investment management companies—particularly women JDs. But for Gabriela Franco Parcella, JD ’94, becoming CEO and chairwoman of Mellon Capital was the logical next step in a career marked by good timing, thorough preparation, and ever-widening expectations.

| Issue 92

Judge Miriam Wolff: A Lifetime of Navigating Uncharted Waters

If you thought your first days at Stanford Law School were intimidating, just imagine how the Honorable Miriam Wolff, JD ’40 (BA ’37), must have felt. One of only eight women in an entering class of 86 students, she was confronted at the outset with the then-traditional law school greeting, […]

| Issue 91

Eduardo Bhatia, JD ’90: Leading Puerto Rico through Challenging Times

Eduardo Bhatia lives in a tropical paradise. “A lot of my classmates are trying to make money to retire to places like Puerto Rico. I don’t have to—I already live here,” he says. Raised on the Caribbean island, it is not just a home to Bhatia. As president of the […]

| Issue 91

Debra Zumwalt, JD ’79; The Chief Legal Officer at the Farm

As vice president and general counsel of Stanford University, Debra Zumwalt is at the helm of a vast operation. Learn how she is helping to manage one of the world’s top incubators of young talent.

| Issue 91

The Gould Program: Teaching Vital Skills in Negotiation and Mediation

While the interests of Stanford Law School students are as diverse as the fields they enter upon graduation, there’s a major commonality: About 75 percent of students take at least one course in the Gould Negotiation and Mediation Program. Hands-on and practice-oriented, Gould courses serve more than 263 Stanford Law […]

| Issue 91

Joan Petersilia: A Life’s Work Focusing on America’s Prison Challenges

The official commendation explaining the selection of Joan Petersilia for the Stockholm Prize in Criminology begins, “Your research has provided compelling evidence on the staggering needs of American prisoners returning to their communities, and the importance of their reintegration for public safety.”

| Issue 90

Jonathan Greenberger: Behind This Week

March was a good month for Jonathan Greenberger. Not even a year into his job as executive producer for ABC’s flagship Sunday morning news program This Week With George Stephanopoulos and the show was on a winning streak—coming in as the leading public affairs program in the coveted adult 25 to […]