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Allan L. Fink (1924-2013)

November 15, 2013 | Issue 89

Al Fink, LLB ’52 (BA ’49), was a member of the famed law class of 1952, which boasted no fewer than two United States Supreme Court Justices. There is a myth that Bill Rehnquist, LLB ’52 (BA/MA ’48), ranked first and Sandra Day (later O’Connor), LLB ’52 (BA ’50), third, with […]

Letter From the Dean

November 15, 2013 | Issue 89

Lawyers and athletes at the top of their game share some surprising similarities. Both, of course, must have passion and drive to succeed; both have unique skills that they have developed over years of practice; both must be masters not just of the rules, but also willing to take risks that are not in the official playbook. Great athletes, of course, started their practice very early in life, but haven’t we all met a 6-year-old who is a “born lawyer”?

Our cover story in this issue features SLS graduates who have married their passion for the law with their passion for sports. Their love of sport may fuel their work, but it’s their Stanford Law School education that is allowing them to thrive. Attorneys working in professional sports handle an array of challenging issues—ranging from antitrust matters, to labor and employment, to complex contracting. To a person, our graduates say that their training as lawyers, and at SLS, is a key to their ability to succeed.

Several other stories this fall similarly feature students and graduates who are combining a personal passion with their legal training to pursue surprising paths. A group of our students formed the Stanford Law and Visual Media Project to produce documentaries about contemporary legal topics—one of their films, American, was recently featured at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival. Alum Daniel Lubetzky explains in these pages his unlikely path to founding and becoming the CEO of the company that produces KIND bars, which today you can see in every venue from Target to your local grocery store. And we feature a student-alum effort to assist recently released prisoners in their re-entry to society. Project ReMADE, founded by our recent graduate Angela McCray, trains former prisoners to launch businesses, teaching them accounting, business planning, and marketing. A crucial part of the effort is the mentoring relationship between the aspiring entrepreneurs and our own graduates who have already succeeded in that realm and are giving back.

For the Love of the Game

November 11, 2013 | Issue 89

Hannah Gordon’s unconventional journey from would-be sportswriter to one of the top legal positions in the National Football League is framed by her office window. Visible outside the glass in her upstairs office at the NFL’s 49ers Santa Clara headquarters is an enormous—and growing daily—structure of steel and concrete.

Religious Liberty Clinic

November 8, 2013 | Issue 89

When Jim Sonne became the inaugural director of Stanford Law School’s Religious Liberty Clinic in the summer of 2012, he entered uncharted territory: No other law school in the nation has a clinic devoted to this subject. Yet, in just one year, Sonne has created a model program, engaging students in a wide variety of lawyerly roles while representing clients whose legal issues span the religious and political spectrums.

Phillip Malone

November 8, 2013 | Issue 89

Phil Malone graduated from law school at an opportune time—right as the personal computer boom was building and the seeds of related interesting legal questions were being sowed. He went straight from law school to the Department of Justice Antitrust Division through the Attorney General’s Honors Program, where his undergraduate […]

David M. Studdert

November 8, 2013 | Issue 89

David M. Studdert is living proof that the world is indeed small. Over the course of his career, he has racked up an impressive number of air miles—the “zeal for travel” reputation of his fellow Australians borne out by 14- and 24-hour journeys from his home in Melbourne to the […]

Nathaniel Persily, JD ’98

November 8, 2013 | Issue 89

When Nathaniel Persily first applied to Stanford Law School, he didn’t get in. “It turned out the LSAT folks never sent my scores in,” he says. “So, instead, I went to graduate school in political science at, of all places, Berkeley.” Twenty years and several degrees later, Persily is the […]

Bernadette Meyler, 
JD ’03

November 8, 2013 | Issue 89

When Bernadette Meyler joined the faculty this summer, she brought not only her skills as a multidisciplinary scholar but also her musical gifts. An award-winning, Juilliard-trained violinist, Meyler, professor of law and Deane F. Johnson Faculty Scholar, has already collaborated with several faculty members in a chamber music group—including Paul […]

Protecting Journalism in 
the Digital Era

November 8, 2013 | Issue 89

RELATED LINKS: Learn more about Morgan Weiland Learn more about the Center for Internet and Society Imagine that you are 
participating in a protest on a university campus. The campus
police ask everyone to leave. Some protestors refuse to move, and suddenly
they are doused with pepper spray by campus police. You […]

Disruption and 
Innovation in Transactional Law Practice

November 8, 2013 | Issue 89

The combination of technology advances and cost-cutting pressures from clients is triggering a major transformation in the core practices of business law. In particular, the past decade has witnessed the emergence and significant improvement of software that designs, drafts, reads (visualizes and operationalizes), and manages contract documents. These innovations have […]