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CLC Students Appear in Court on Behalf of Client Facing Eviction

Congrats to Stanford Law students Kristen Bell  (’13) and Angela McCray (’14) who made the Community Law Clinic’s first  court appearance of the quarter!  They appeared on behalf of a  low-income tenant in an eviction case and filed a Motion to  Quash the summons on the basis of a fatal defect in the complaint.  In  so doing, Angela and Kristen also noted for the court that the plaintiff  landlord is a corporation and was appearing unrepresented, in violation  of California law. That latter point was the most important to the  judge, who has ordered the plaintiff to retain counsel and instructed  that the tenant is under no obligation to file any responsive pleading  until it does so.  Angela and Kristen are prepared to re-file their  Motion to Quash, and to negotiate in this new posture on behalf of their  client. To read more go to http://blogs.law.stanford.edu/clinics/2013/01/29/clc-students-appear-in-court-on-behalf-of-client-facing-eviction/ .

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