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Inside the Political Conventions: Last Reflections on the RNC

August 30, 2012

Tampa, Florida. Thursday, August 30. I was again able to watch the RNC speakers from the Romney-staffer box, so I managed to experience some interesting reactions from some of those involved in planning the day’s events. An added bonus was meeting Governor Bob McDonnell (VA) and former governor and presidential […]

Inside the Political Conventions: Highlights from Wednesday at the RNC

August 29, 2012

Tampa, Florida. Wednesday, Aug 29. I arrived at the convention a little late, although I managed to find myself getting box seats and sitting next to Governor Romney’s top legal aids Peter Flaherty and Benjamin Ginsberg, as well as Senior Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom. I was really impressed with all of […]

Inside the Political Conventions: Highlights from Tuesday’s Speeches at the RNC

August 28, 2012

Tampa, Florida. Aug 28, 2012. Moving onto Tuesday’s convention activities, which started around 2 pm, I’ve selected some highlights that should be of some interest. I noticed a few overarching themes among the speakers last night. The clearest was a response to President Obama’s remark, “… If you’ve got a […]

Inside the Political Conventions: Monday at the RNC

August 27, 2012

Tampa, Florida. Aug 27, 2012. I arrived in Tampa for the Republican National Convention on Sunday as a guest of my mother, who is working as a media surrogate for Governor Romney’s campaign. I was joined by my younger brother, Tommy, who is taking my place in Silicon Valley this […]

Reports from Inside the Political Conventions

August 26, 2012

REPORTS FROM THE RNC: Monday Highlights from Tuesday’s Speeches Highlights from Wednesday Last Reflections REPORTS FROM THE DNC: On the Road to Charlotte, North Carolina First Impressions Day One First Night’s Speakers 2012 may go down in the history books as one of the most interesting election years—with hurricanes, drought, […]

TVShack Extradition Case Tumbling as Seventh Circuit Holds Linking/Streaming is Lawful

August 10, 2012

Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal prosecution of British citizen Richard O’Dwyer for operating a site called TVShack hit what ought to be a major stumbling block. TVShack allows users to link to other computer servers that host television shows and movies. Clicking on the link will […]

On the London Olympics

August 10, 2012

I’m loving the Olympics, other than the late night broadcasts. I am having a harder and harder time making it to the very end….and its my favorite part of the Games! Michael Phelps accomplishments continue to standout to me. Say what you want about his personality or lack there of, […]

On the London Olympics

August 9, 2012

I immensely enjoyed the opening ceremonies. I thought the show was fantastic, we enjoyed looking for athletes that I work with (and indeed we saw Stanford Track athletes Amechi Morton and Arantxa King), and I was instantly transported back 20 years wishing I could be there again (but without all […]

Healthcare, Citizens United and Civics with Justice O’Connor

August 8, 2012

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, discusses civics, recent Supreme Court decisions, and more in this
CBS News “Face the Nation” interview.