Posts for March, 2012

The Supreme Court on health reform: day three

March 29, 2012

This week the Supreme Court is devoting an impressive six hours of argument, over three days, to the Affordable Care Act. Four different federal Courts of Appeal had reached decisions about various provisions of the Act; the Court asked to hear arguments about four specific issues: 1.Does the Anti-Injunction Act […]

We Aim to Teach Our Students Not Just to Spot Problems, But to Solve Them

March 29, 2012

The following is an excerpt from the March 29th ABA Journal Op Ed While failings of legal education have been much in the news these past few years, the need to change long predated the economic downturn—which mainly accelerated trends that have been unfolding for years. Stanford began revamping its […]

David Onek, JD ’99, in a “Criminal Justice Conversations” with Joan Petersilia

March 13, 2012

David Onek, JD ’99, with Joan Petersilia on California prison realignment, its impact on county jails, the need for comprehensive realignment research and analysis, and the importance of researcher-practitioner partnerships.