Posts for June, 2011

Me, Inc.

June 24, 2011

In her latest column for Boston Review, Professor Karlan explores the Supreme Court’s decision Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and the idea of corporations as people. Here is an excerpt: When the Supreme Court heard Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co. in 1886, few would have pegged the case as a […]

Video Q&A with SLS ALEP Co-Directors Daniel Lewis (JD ’12) and Rose Ehler (JD ’12)

June 14, 2011

Each year ALEP students join their faculty co-advisor, Erik Jensen, on a trip to Kabul. In this video, ALEP executive directors Daniel Lewis (JD ’12) and Rose Ehler (JD ’12) discuss their recent trip to Afghanistan and the project’s progress and aims.

Dan Reicher Testified Before House Natural Resources Committee on “American Energy Initiative”

June 1, 2011

Professor Dan Reicher, executive director of Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, testified before the House Natural Resources Committee on identifying roadblocks to renewable energy development on U.S. public lands and waters […]