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Three Strikes Project Secures Habeas Relief and Release for Client


Three Strikes Project students, faculty and staff were successful this week in securing release of another client, Carl Gray, from prison.  Mr. Gray is the clinic’s 16th victory on behalf of clinic clients serving life sentences under California’s Three Strikes law for non violent crimes.   

Carl Gray’s three convictions were for burglary charges committed in pursuit of money to support his addiction to methamphetamines.  He was convicted of his third strike in 1999 for stealing vintage beer glasses from a storage facility. His prior two offenses in 1992 and 1993 were for the burglary of two homes–in one case no one was home and in the other the home was unoccupied.  He was extremely cooperative and remorseful for his actions an arresting officer later testified.

Prior to the onset of his addiction, Mr. Gray was a productive member of society. He was married to his high school sweetheart, owned his own home, and for many years supported his family as a journeyman painter and a member in good standing of Painters and Allied Trades Local Union #256.

After an exhaustive factual investigation conducted by clinic students, Susan Champion ‘11 and Greg Rosenberg ‘11, the Los Angeles District Attorney agreed that Mr. Gray was entitled to habeas corpus relief and a new reduced prison term.

Carl Gray has served eleven years of his 25 years to life sentence.  He is planning to enter a residential rehabilitation center in Pasadena, California.

Galit Lipa and Mike Romano supervised the students’ work with marvelous support from Lynda Johnston.

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2 Responses to “Three Strikes Project Secures Habeas Relief and Release for Client”

  1. Linda Criss-Singh says:

    I commend you at the Stanford Law clinic. My husband is a 3striker & we are patiently waiting for his name to come to the top of your potential cient list. After nearly 17 years of the 25 to life sentence we are still hopeful there will be a day for his release. We always say “soon”. We sincerely, from the depth of our hearts thank you for the great work you do and pray that there will be other clinic like yours to take on such work as you are doing. GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. wilburt collins says:

    I must say that i am proud to hear that there is someone that cares. I am a three striker and I have had many fights in the courts on this matter. I am blessed that there were a Remero motion to use.I HAVE BEEN OUT of jail sense 2007, i went to a drug program, as a client, and started to work there as a mentor, and then as a resident manager, until i was laid off the job. I must say to you ladies and gentlemen – I hope that you keep up the good work because I know first hand what it is like to have your past, that a person might have already served time and then find out that you are about to do some more time for that crime all over again. God bless you Stanford students.

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