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Video Q&A with Galit Lipa

Q&A with Galit Lipa, supervising attorney for the Criminal Defense Clinic’s “3 strikes” project, and Stanford Lawyer editor Sharon Driscoll.

Watch the interview.

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One Response to “Video Q&A with Galit Lipa”

  1. Camille Salas says:

    Your interview was an informative view into your work with the California non-violent three strikers. I read where NY held oral arguments that could challenge NY’s recidivist sentencing law. If this is struck down, when will we know the outcome and how soon will Stanford Law Clinic challenge California’s three strike sentences for the non-violent offender? My son received 27 to life for petty theft w/a prior and is in his 14th year. Very hopeful news.

    Camille Salas

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