Posts for February, 2010

The Financial Crisis: Causes and Lessons

February 12, 2010

This policy workshop is occasioned quite obviously by the events of the last several years and the enormous expenditures that resulted, as losses cascaded through the financial system (and beyond) and governments shifted those losses to taxpayers in an effort to combat a severe recession or worse. There is now […]

John Doe DNA Warrants and the Statute of Limitations

February 10, 2010

Last month, the California Supreme Court reached a decision in People v. Robinson, a case which presented three issues involving DNA and criminal procedure: (1)  Does an unknown suspect’s DNA profile satisfy the “particularity” requirement for an arrest warrant? (Yes.) (2)  Does the issuance of a “John Doe” complaint and […]

Tight Job Market Could Drive Legal Ed Reform

February 2, 2010

Dean Larry Kramer discussed legal education reform underway at Stanford Law School with Law360 reporter Jocelyn Allison, who filed this report